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Pretty Little Liars the TV Show
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A community for the new ABC Family show - Pretty Little Liars.

This community was created as a fanbase for the new ABC Family tv series, Pretty Little Liars. The show is based off of the popular book series of the same name, written by Sara Shepard.

Second half of Season 1 starts January 3rd at 8PM EST !

c a s t . . .
Alison DeLaurentis played by Sasha Pieterse
Aria Montgomery played by Lucy Hale
Ashley Marin played by Laura Leighton
Byron Montgomery played by Chad Lowe
Darren Wilden played by Bryce Johnson
Emily Fields played by Shay Mitchell
Ezra Fitz played by Ian Harding
Hanna Marin played by Ashley Bensen
Ian Thomas played by Ryan Merriman
Jenna Cavanaugh played by Tammin Sursok
Melissa Hastings played by Torrey DeVito
Meredith played by Amber Boyricki
Mona Vanderwaal played by Janel Parrish
Mya St. Germain played by Bianca Lawson
Spencer Hastings played by Troian Avery Bellisario
Tobey Marshall played by James Neate
Wren Kim played by Julian Morris
01> Try to keep comments about the show. If you're a fan of the books, remember not everyone has read them!

02> Please keep posts on topic with the TV series. On topic posts include: Cast information/news, TV show news, Icons/Graphics relating to the TV show; episode discussions; spoilers; et cetera.

03> All posts are moderated. Please check previous entries before posting something so we don't have repeat posts. :-)

04> The community is open to non-members. However, entries that contain pictures, music, downloads should be locked for members only.

05> It is completely unacceptable to bash the actors and actresses on the show. The entire cast of Pretty Little Liars is fabulous and they all do a wonderful job portraying their characters. Any negative personal opinions about the actors will be cause for a ban from the community. It is also unacceptable to bash relationships. This community is a place to dish about our favorite things and find news about the show. Any conduct that is negative and repeated will be a cause for being banned. Please be nice.

06> When submitting entries, please make sure they have a subject line and appropriate tags.

07> Please respect the rules. And most of all, have fun!
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